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This video is filled with Vanessa’s fun and playful talk – which is one of the things the separates Smoking Vanessa from all other smoking fetish girls – she’s open, honest, and real. In this video she talks about getting back on the smoke fetish forums and reading everyone’s kind words about her and how humbled she was – and the best thing is you can tell its genuine! You guys are getting the real Vanessa here, and that’s special. She also said it inspired her to make more videos – so the more you guys comment, well, the more video she’ll make. So comment! 😉

Now, don’t get me wrong – this video is filled with the amazing smoking that we all love Vanessa for: various inhales and techniques – plus she looks amazing with her hair up and cascading over her shoulder and she’s done an amazing job highlighting her amazing, seductive eyes! Yes this video is pure smoking fetish perfection – but done by someone who we feel like we know; because we do!