All About Smoking Vanessa

The history behind the fetish icon

smoking vanessa smoking fetish model

Vanessa is the stylist, model, and editor behind Smoking Vanessa, her unabashedly erotic, fet friendly site, founded in 2008, that explores outside the box concepts on what is sexy. She hopes to open peoples’ minds about both smoking and fetishes.

Both have a bad rap, and she wanted to utilize the knowledge and experience she gained through modeling elsewhere, to showcase the beauty of these so called “ugly” things. With a makeup brush and lighter as her weapon, she champions for the right to enjoy whatever fetish the heart desires.

“I love smoking – everything about it is a positive thing for me. I enjoy the act of smoking- how it gives my hand something to do, and my mouth something to play with. I enjoy how the smoke feels and tastes in my mouth, and it’s always easy entertainment to do tricks with the smoke. And lastly, it’s a mood boost. A cigarette is both the best cure for a bad day, and a mini celebration for a good day!”

“I get asked a lot when people first hear what I do, WHY what I do is considered sexy. And I love revealing to them the truth that was sitting right in front of their faces. Take away the social stigma, and you’re left with a social dance that can showcase either grace or sensuality. The pursed lips, the gentle inhales and exhales of breath, the feminine hand, the soft rise and fall of the chest… it all comes together to make a beautiful show, if you just take the time to look at it. I light up to show them, and you can SEE the blinders fall off their eyes. I’m changing smoking’s bad rap, and nothing could make me happier.”

Her love and enthusiasm for what she does has garnered her the support of the entire fetish community, with her site winning smoking fetish model or SF site of the year for several years running. This joy is so contagious that others have joined with her to help her share the positive side of fetishes, to have a hand in redefining what is considered sexy. Bigger sets, bolder concepts, more interaction, and inclusion of other interests are the next stage for Smoking Vanessa.

In fact, Vanessa is not exclusively supportive to the smoking fetish alone, and in this new era of Smoking Vanessa plans are in the works to include fur, leather, balloons, latex, shoes, feathers, etc., all done in Vanessa’s usual classy way of course. As Vanessa says, “If my mother wouldn’t be ashamed to see me do it, I’m game.”

The future is bright for Smoking Vanessa the site, and Smoking Vanessa the person. In conclusion Vanessa says, “I rock, and in the future I’m gonna rock harder, so fasten your seat belts, folks.” I advise you all to hang on for a REALLY fun ride!

smoking vanessa fetish model


WHEN DID YOU TRY YOUR FIRST CIGARETTE? I first tried a cigarette when I was 12 years old, but didn’t begin smoking regularly until early high school.

WHAT WAS THE FIRST BRAND YOU EVER SMOKED? The first cigarette I ever tried was a Capri 100!

HOW MUCH DO YOU SMOKE PER DAY? I smoke anywhere from 10 to 30 cigarettes a day, depending on what kind of day it is. Manual work means lots of smokes, office work not so many. Day of playing with friends mean lots of smokes, and a lazy day in front of the TV makes for fewer smoked. But on days when I’m filming….. Boy does the Ciggy count climb!

DO YOU ENJOY ANY OTHER FETISHES? Other fetishes I enjoy playing with are fur, leather, balloons, latex, shoes, feathers, and glitter. Although, I’m sure the glitter one is a just me thing.  But that’s ok.

WELL, WHAT I MEANT WAS DO YOU HAVE ANY FETISHES OF YOUR OWN? Do I have any fetishes of my own? Yes, I do have my own taste for fetish. No, I don’t want my Momma to see me indulging in them. So yes, I have them but, no you won’t get to see me do them. As for what they are? Well, everybody knows a lady never spills her secrets.

DO YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE FOR A LIVING OTHER THAN SMOKING VANESSA? Do I do anything other than Smoking Vanessa for a living? I sure do! For years I slaved away in college, painstakingly earning my 4.0, in order to pursue medicine. (I’m sure some of my long term fans remember seeing me smoke while I studied!)  I loved the sciences. But, after a full day volunteering in the field, I realized that this life was not for me. So, I decided to do something brave.

I actually have extensive training in the visual arts, with the majority of my youth studying sculpting, painting, and other medias. I received numerous awards and much acclaim, but was always scared to pursue art. After years of success with my “college side job” Smoking Vanessa, I realized that there is no magic formula for success. It’s the effort and love you put into what you do that garners success. So, this past year has seen the birth of a new fledgling company that you will be hearing about soon. It’s not ready yet. So, hold tight and check back soon.

Ps. You’ll see a lot of my “business outfits” here on Smoking Vanessa.